Office Doggie Valentines

I am a little late in posting this but…

My sweet husband Dan works for a great woman-owned company that allows it’s workers to bring their pups to work with them! (How awesome is that???) Since the company is located in California and we live in Illinois AND since we don’t have a dog….Dan doesn’t get to join in the fun.

However, when Dan does get to go into the office he loves seeing all the different dogs. Each has a sweet personality and their own personal charms.

We thought it might be fun to make special little Valentines for each dog. We filled a bag with ridiculously small milk bones (we Non-dog owners have little experience with buying dog treats clearly). I created little open ended Sour Cream containers with little Valentine tags. 

And here is Ajax… A super smart Pup and handsome fella!
And Buck, who loves to carry his leash around the hallways…you know…just in case someone wants to take him for a walk Tee hee! I’d take him for a walk…right after I gave him a big hug!

And a little Cockapoo names Gracie..the only dog in the office that might appreciate such small little Valentine Treats LOL!

Here’s my favorite Valentine, my husband Dan. 
And for a final Valentine thought…Dan sent his favorite girls some beautiful roses for Valentines Day! I think Pickles, (our only girl kitty who was once a stray) is thinking, ” I have the best Daddy in the world”. I totally agree with her!

I hope you make a special treat for someone you love!!